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[SOLD OUT] JÄÄPORTIT "Halki Lumisen Metsän" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] JÄÄPORTIT "Halki Lumisen Metsän" Cassette Tape

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To say this is an honor to reissue this work is an understatement... For the first time on tape, this is the only individual reissue of the debut demo by the now legendary Jääportit. Originally released in 1998 as a homemade cd-r limited to only 50 copies! The icy frostbitten portals of the early years are now once again open! 

Professionally duplicated tape with 2-sided imprint and 4 panel heavy cardstock j-card. Limited to 200 total, with 100 being made available individually. PACKAGED W/ DOWNLOAD CARD

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