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[SOLD OUT] KHAND "The Sage of Witherthorn" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] KHAND "The Sage of Witherthorn" Cassette Tape

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Khand is a one-man cosmic ambient project, started in 1998 with the aim of experimenting with ambient, keyboard and neoclassical aesthetics. Influenced by medieval, space, fantasy themes and Interstellar Dominions.

Fantastic album that puts the synth in Dungeon Synth. Poppier than you'd expect and occasionally veers into dark synth territory with it's tone and tempo, Sage of Witherthorn plays like a pulsing soundtrack to a new-retro sword and sorcery flick. Highly recommended for fans of the genre but also synth in general." - jarkovsky, bandcamp review

"Excellent fantasy music with huge melodies and girthy tones. This album really delivers on SONGwriting where others falter. Awesome attention to detail. Support!" - Jeff Black, bandcamp review

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