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[SOLD OUT] LANDVAETTR "Winterking's Lament" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] LANDVAETTR "Winterking's Lament" Cassette Tape

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Winterking’s Lament is the debut album from heathen black metal band Landvættr. The songs crafted by sole member Nihthelm form a journey through the pagan folklore of the old North, with traditional black metal being the crossroads upon which the wayfaring listener travels. As the ill-fated skóggangr we shall tread the paths of exile, beyond innangarðr to the wild rural darklands. We shall woefully stumble upon the locus terribilis, where hostile yarthkins stand guard against the unwelcome race of man. We shall glimpse the dark shape of the wæterælf in the mist-veiled depths of the mere, holding silent vigil over the black waters. Beneath the burning eyes of Thrymheim’s lord we shall cross the corpse-road into the abode of the Járnviðjur, where the bestial brood awaits the Third Winter. We shall encounter spirits both innumerably named and nameless, forces both ancient and timeless, beings both shapeshifting and formless where the roots of Éormensyl intertwine. And at long last, at the heart of útangarðr where the endless snow enshrouds the desolate álfrek land, naught is heard amidst the dismal frost but the primordial wind, a wind which was old when Hyperborea was young. Echoing across the ice-caverns and traversing the becrystalled forlorn mountains of his austere kingdom we shall hear it; the doleful howls of the Winterking.

Professionally printed and duplicated tape edition. Self-released by the band and limited to 99 copies.

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