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[SOLD OUT] LEGENDRY "Mists of Time / Dungeon Crawler" 2xCD (w/ slipcase)

[SOLD OUT] LEGENDRY "Mists of Time / Dungeon Crawler" 2xCD (w/ slipcase)

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Import from Germany. High quality double CD jewel case with outer slipcase and big 20 page booklet.

Double disc collection of the hard-to-find first two albums from Golden Core Records. Includes slipcase over jewel case double CD packaging, complete with 20 page booklet including: full original artwork for each album, newly written "origins" story of the band and details on the recording process for each album, unreleased photos and concept art, and lyrics for each album. Remixed by Vidarr and remastered by Arthur Rizk.

DUNGEON CRAWLER: Second full length album featuring a mini-concept wherein a warrior is transported through a dimensional doorway into a world of barbarism and arcane magick.

MISTS OF TIME: Debut full length album. Manilla Road / Celtic Frost worship. Sword and Sorcery Metal.

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