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[SOLD OUT] MEDHELAN "Nocturnal Wanderings" CD

[SOLD OUT] MEDHELAN "Nocturnal Wanderings" CD

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Sound artist Matteo Brusa returns to the label exploring these boundaries of invisible worlds and the blended lines between.

"Nocturnal Wanderings" brings deep long-form compositions inspired by traditional pagan virtues; Nature, Magic and the landscapes of the artist's homeland in northern Italy. Field recordings from these landscapes themselves are incorporated into the sound, bringing a connectivity and elemental atmosphere to the transcendent journey ahead.

Beautifully remastered and presented in physical form, alongside a full second bonus offering of “Eternal Wanderings”; two exclusive, all new tracks made in the same focused spirit as the initial first recordings.

"Nocturnal Wanderings", Tracks 1 and 2 were originally composed and recorded in 2009, re-edited and remastered in 2015. "Eternal Wanderings", Tracks 3 and 4 composed and recorded between 2010 and 2015, re-edited and remastered in 2019, and are both as of yet unheard.

Lighten Up Sounds label. Professionally duplicated disc with black print comes packaged in classic clear and black jewel case. Limited edition of 100.

Note to buyer: This is a 'Pro CDr", meaning that all the packaging is the same as you would expect in any pro CD release, but the disc itself has been duplicated (burned) not replicated from a master.

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