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MORKETSVIND "Morketsvind" CD [Digisleeve]

MORKETSVIND "Morketsvind" CD [Digisleeve]

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Import digisleeve with matte finish, Pro CD. Limited to 500 copies. Stock copies from back in 2014!

"Morketsvind is a Dungeon Synth project from Russia founded in the 90's, and reminds me yet again of the power of minimalist music.... The simple arrangement of brass synth and timpani gives the entire song a very cold, militant feeling, as if the looming shadow of an invading army is on the horizon.... This is a highly impressive release, and while it isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, there is not another Dungeon Synth album in my collection that is quite like Morketsvind I. For those who are looking for a cold journey into medieval warfare rather than the vibrant, colorful fantasy worlds that some Dungeon Synth artists create, this release is definitely for you." - Barbarian Skull Webzine

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