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[SOLD OUT] NORTT "Galgenfrist" CD

[SOLD OUT] NORTT "Galgenfrist" CD

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Galgenfrist is death, it is depression, it is sorrow, but yet it is beautiful and perfect in every way, shape and form. Nortt has accomplished what he set out to do in forty seven minutes of pure despair. The only question that remains is will you follow? Imagine a cold and void landscape. Imagine feeling completely alone. Imagine death itself, add those together and you get Nortt. Not much is known about this man as he has only ever given a handful of interviews and is very reclusive; his work is small but soul crushing and, to me, is a perfect example of a solo project. Galgenfrist is the third offering of depression, sorrow and death. Nortt must have some special dark place that his music ideas come from and wherever it is he can't get enough of it. One thing on Galgenfrist which is more prominent to his previous works is the use of ambient keys which set the album up to spiral downwards into everything negative than anyone could possibly imagine in music.

Avantgarde label, import from Italy. 6 panel digipak.

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