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[SOLD OUT] NORTT "Gudsforladt" CD

[SOLD OUT] NORTT "Gudsforladt" CD

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"Gudsforladt is a tomb enfolding some of the coldest, darkest funeral doom you'll ever hear. Rather than the usual technique of relying on a handful of epic tracks, this is structured more like a typical black metal album. Aesthetically, it borrows a lot from depressive black metal. The synth choirs, the occasional piano, the inaudible vocals, guitars cutting like razors. Only it's slowed to an appropriately funereal pace. The result is that the tracks seem to pass relatively quickly, with less room for elaboration, but as a whole it feels just like funeral doom should: bleak.

Perhaps what makes Gudsforladt feel so barren is the distinct lack of emotion. Like melancholy gone far beyond sadness, leaving you numb and indifferent to being. Where death is no longer an escape but a purpose to itself. An honest and somber reflection on the reality of one's termination." - historic_bruno 

Avantgarde label, import from Italy. 6 panel digipak.

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