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Haftvad Records and Steel Unicorn Records are proud to invite you on a new heroic epic fantasy adventure! The Realm of the Templar is split by war!

The Order of the Black Dragon clashes against the Order of the Golden Hippogriff, opposing sides in a vicious crusade to impose their respective faiths over the land. As the conflict rages on, the plane-hopping trickster, Raev Jager, arrives in pursuit of a powerful relic, and a cunning plan begins to take shape in his mind to use the faith of Men to his advantage - to deceive the warring knights, presenting himself as their messiah. However, he failed to take one thing into account - the wrath of God himself! Deciding that the trickster could use a lesson in responsibility, he teaches him the hardships of playing God by setting a divine spark alight in him. Now Raev Jager finds himself pulled into the midst of the raging strife as a real demigod!

Just as every coin has two sides, though, does every God have a Devil -- the Ancient Archdemon, Koranos, also seeks to exploit the divided realm for his own nefarious plots. He plants his seeds in cults across the land, hoping to capture the souls of wayward crusaders. The newly appointed demigod, Raev Jager, must now unite the warring templars under one banner of faith if he is to put a stop to the demon's schemes -- one order his Inquisition, the other his honourable knights. Jester takes up the mantle of Bishop of the new faith, Exiled Knight swears his allegiance as the Warmaster of the Troops of Faith, and Bard plays what may be his last melody on the bells of sacrifice. As the storm comes to a head and the final battle draws near, one deafening warcry can be heard echoing across the plains of battle: Raevult!

Haftvad Records. 4 panel digipak, limited to an undisclosed number of copies.
Note to buyer: This is a 'Pro CDr", meaning that all the packaging is the same as you would expect in any pro CD release, but the disc itself has been duplicated (burned) not replicated.

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