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[SOLD OUT] SNORLAX "II" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] SNORLAX "II" Cassette Tape

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Import from Australia. 

Pro-tape, multicolor pad-printed, blood-red shells, 6 panel J-cards, Limited to 100 copies.

"Snorlax 'II' continues a vicious and scathing blackened death-grind journey established by the highly acclaimed 2018 “Splintering” demo. Hailing guttural tomb-style growls and frosted screeching, Snorlax hammer through 22 minutes of an energetic presentation only a maniacal necromancer would be capable of. Raw and intense, yet well crafted production, aid the atmosphere of the music and the crushing force of the brutal old-school death/black foundation satisfies even the vilest of followers. Hail Snorlax!"

Side B bonus tracks include the 2018 'Splintering Demo' and 'The Spirit Of Darkness' tracks from the 2019 split with Drugoth. Both remixed and remastered for this release! 

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