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[SOLD OUT] THRONE OF KNOWLEDGE "The Awakening" CD (Murgrind)

[SOLD OUT] THRONE OF KNOWLEDGE "The Awakening" CD (Murgrind)

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High quality digipak CD limited to 300. Sealed copies.

"Throne of Knowledge" takes you through deep mystical atmospheres and is focused to help you to get into a trance...
~ The musical journey was created to discover and experience the primal force of your own nature ~
~ A transcendental journey behind the personality ~
~ The words in the booklet are just the means of transportation to remind you of what you already knew ~

~ Note
The information contained in this work does not claim to be true. The publisher and the artist assume no liability and responsibility for any damage or allegedly caused, directly or indirectly, by the information that this work conveys. The work is for entertainment purposes and is a medium for the artist to express himself. The artist believes in what he wrote but it is only his opinion and a part of his own experience.

Uralte Herrschaft Productions, import from Germany. Exclusive US distro.

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