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[SOLD OUT] ULTIMA RATIO "Cimmerian Heritage - Eredità Oscura" CD

[SOLD OUT] ULTIMA RATIO "Cimmerian Heritage - Eredità Oscura" CD

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Haftvad Records presents the debut CD of Ultimo Ratio, the project of Italian Black Metal / Dungeon Synth artist Hastur.

Ultima Ratio guides listeners on a journey towards self-growth and enlightenment via individualist and antihuman ideologies, eschewing any and all political dogma and propaganda. Breaking from current trends, Ultimate Ratio presents true old-school black metal devoid of political incorrectness for the sake of political incorrectness. Cimmerian Heritage is a meditative voyage through the past, present, and future.

Mandatory for fans of: Malignant Eternal, Mortiis, Paysage D'Hiver, Old Behemoth, Gothmog, Nazgul, Evilfeast, Grausamkeit, Murgrind, Darkspace, and Alrakis.

Jewel case CDs with a 4-panel booklet. Limited to an undisclosed number of copies

Note to buyer: This is a 'Pro CDr", meaning that all the packaging is the same as you would expect in any pro CD release, but the disc itself has been duplicated (burned) not replicated.

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