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AUTREST "Follow the Cold Path" CD [digipak, lim.500]

AUTREST "Follow the Cold Path" CD [digipak, lim.500]

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Import from Germany. Collector's Edition in 4-panel Digipack.

Autrest play nature themed atmospheric black metal with blackgaze and post-black influences.

The Atmospheric Black Metal solo-project Autrest hails from the mountainous region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Founded in the winter of 2022, the debut album was written, recorded and produced between September 2022 and January 2023.

Autrest draws inspiration from nature, incorporating the sounds of the forests and mountains into its music to create an immersive experience. Influenced by bands such as Cân Bardd, Saor, Caladan Brood, Elderwind and Eldamar, Autrest creates powerful and introspective, nature-themed music that transports listeners to a world of misty forests and icy peaks where each song becomes new a journey.

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