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[SOLD OUT] AVUDIM "Abandoned Soundscapes of Shame and Neglect" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] AVUDIM "Abandoned Soundscapes of Shame and Neglect" Cassette Tape

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Avudim is a bass-driven, ambient project from Dorchester, Massachusetts. All songs are composed through improvisation using a Fender Precision Bass and BOSS RC-3 Loop Station.

In 2021, Avidum released its first EP entitled Sub-Spiritual Waste. The EP was rough, raw and glaringly imperfect. This honest approach allowed the listener to witness vast sonic landscapes take their hypnotic formation through the course of each track, from the first note played to the final immersive moments of each piece. An experience requiring patience and perspective, but offering remuneration of ambient, meditative bliss by the end of the journey.

Avudim's second and latest EP entitled Abandoned Soundscapes Of Shame And Neglect sees the project develop further into its austere concept. Still leveraging the core foundations established in 2021, additional tonality effects have been incorporated in the overall sound to enhance mood and dynamics, in particular an Ibanez HD1500 Digital Harmonics / Delay rack effect most notably used by Metallica's Cliff Burton during live performances from the 1985-1986 era.

Abandoned Soundscapes Of Shame And Neglect consists of various improvised loops, seamlessly woven together to tell a story of solitary rumination. With 6 tracks totalling in at under 30 minutes, Avudim offers the listener a concise yet evocative experience of existential blight. A desolate, personal voyage into one's self, all set amidst the cold and soggy backdrop of New England urban decay.

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