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CASKET OF DREAMS "Primal - Ancient - Legendary" Cassette Tape

CASKET OF DREAMS "Primal - Ancient - Legendary" Cassette Tape

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The first album from Casket of Dreams to feature work by both members since 1997...
Primal - Ancient - Legendary was written by M. Pardi with contributions and writing on select tracks from R. Nusslein. More than 25 years after their now-legendary debut, Casket of Dreams returns to their roots with "Primal - Ancient - Legendary", an album showcasing their maturation and honed melody-writing skills, as well as a slew of mixing and layering techniques found only among seasoned pros.

This record is an excellent showcase of the influences that made Casket of Dreams "stick". There's plenty of medieval undertones, dark ambient atmospheres, hints of darkwave and heavy electronics, and plenty more.

Ancient Meadow Records is proud to bring you this new piece of the Casket of Dreams saga and we're positive this album will please both old and new fans alike.

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