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[SOLD OUT] GORYŌ "Kaidan" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] GORYŌ "Kaidan" Cassette Tape

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Limited edition, professionally-dubbed tape. Black shells with red pad-print design with clear/purple case.

The new moon sits behind a veil of dark clouds, shadows dancing behind them. A bad omen. My days are plagued with fear, and my nights restless. Under the light of the last moon, I saw my sister's face beneath the surface of the village pond - bloodied, twisted, bloated. Was this but the tides of moon, or was this something else? The void of her absence looms in this town.

Her widower lives on unphased, as if he has moved on. He tells me that she visits his dreams, and claims that she is now at peace. I am not convinced, but I cannot bring myself to look upon that pond, in fear of discovering the truth...

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