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GOTHMOG "Medieval Journeys" CD (digipak)

GOTHMOG "Medieval Journeys" CD (digipak)

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Collector's Edition in 4-panel digipack, limited to 500 copies.

Depressive Silence was founded by RAL & B.S. from Mightiest in 1994. The band is one of the cult acts and forerunners of the Dungeon Synth genre alongside Mortiis and Jim Kirkwood.

When Depressive Silence split up and RAL & B.S. created their individual Dungeon Synth projects, B.S. founded Solanum and RAL founded Gothmog. So these were the follow-up projects of Depressive Silence back in the 90s, and their releases are also being reissued by Northern Silence in remastered form and with new, exclusive artwork by master artist David Thiérée.

Gothmog only ever released one demo, entitled "Medieval Journeys", back in 1998. It featured 7 songs of old school Dungeon Synth that will no doubt appeal to fans of Depressive Silence as well. This re-release also includes an intro that was not part of the original release.

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