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[SOLD OUT] MALFET "Dolorous Gard" vinyl LP (180g color w/ insert)

[SOLD OUT] MALFET "Dolorous Gard" vinyl LP (180g color w/ insert)

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12" 180 gram heavyweight vinyl - Mastered by Jori Apedaile · Brown & black vinyl · Double sided insert · Black inner sleeve

Emerging from these years of darkness, the “Ill-Made Knight” of dungeon synth legend has finally returned to present a novel, long-awaited tome of neo-medieval fantasy ambience.

Dolorous Gard is a dynamic, narrative work that leads us through phantasies of moonlit meadows and flickering torchlight to valiant battles and heroic last stands; from vales of exultation to courtly longing and heartache.

Meditative canticles of dulcimer and harp slowly crescendo to the climactic poundings of war drums and battle-horns; nostalgic tavern-songs fade to liturgical sinfonia; yet these broadly varied threads together weave a tapestry unwavering in its atmospheric impetus.

In fable, the eponymous castle of sorrows held in its thrall scores of knights defeated by the master of the keep under an evil spell.

The fabled Lancelot, under the guidance and aid of a damosel of the Lake, assaulted the tower in the name of freedom. In a frenzy of valor, the chavalier penetrated the gates and defeated the garrison, breaking the dour enchantment and releasing the prisoners from their dungeon. Having accomplished this, Sir Lancelot du Lac occupied the castle as his own and bestowed upon it the hopeful title of Joyous Gard.

The war on sorrow is, like so many things, a cycle. The many small joys and agonies we face will always prove to be evanescent. But we must not set down our arms.  


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