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[SOLD OUT] MEADOW GROVE "Estarian Tales" cassette tape (lim.65)

[SOLD OUT] MEADOW GROVE "Estarian Tales" cassette tape (lim.65)

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Limited to 65 copies. Pro dubbed in real time & professionally assembled.

As I was wandering in the forest one day, I came across a statue I had never seen before. It was a paladin. 

I wasn't alone there. On a log not far from the statue, an old man dressed in a blue robe and sporting a long, white beard was sitting. At first, he said nothing. Then he started telling stories of people and places I had never heard of. They lived in a land called Estaria. When he had related a number of stories he leaned forward and asked me in a soft, almost inaudible, voice: "Do you believe what I have told you?" I was a bit taken aback, but I said: "Why, sure! I believe you." With a sigh and a big smile the old man sat back and relaxed visibly. "Then, there will be a rebirth of Estaria."

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