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[SOLD OUT] MIDDLE AGES "Reclaiming the Throne" cassette tape

[SOLD OUT] MIDDLE AGES "Reclaiming the Throne" cassette tape

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In 1995, a music demo titled Middle Ages was released under the name Caduceus. As part of the fledgling scene which would later be known canonically as "Dungeon Synth," Middle Ages was an underground cult classic, a whisper in the scene known only to those who truly knew. An exquisite venture into a fantastical and dark world, Middle Ages' varied personalities found many homes in Renaissance-inspired music, obscured percussive sounds.

Caduceus was much later revealed to be the hijacked work of three artists - MATEUS (Ondrej Matejka), Ranger Rick (Benjamin Reed), and Bobby "Blackwolf" Tamburrino - rendering the Caduceus illusion obsolete. These artists have been tracked down one by one, and featured here for this exclusive compilation featuring bonus tracks by each musician. Here you will hear the tracks in their original intended form, however the cassette edition will retain that splendid lofi appeal.

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