NARGHAASH "Over the Magick Solitude" Cassette Tape (Lim. 100)
Ancient Meadow

NARGHAASH "Over the Magick Solitude" Cassette Tape (Lim. 100)

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Compilation of old demos from the Dungeon Synth revival times around 2013 and some newer demos, previously not released on physical format including "Trollkarlen" and "At the Mournful Old Lake" between others. Includes the magical luring "Eine Stunde hinter Mitternacht", which is the latest NARGHAASH recording. It´s a collaboration betweet Proskriptor and Irrwycht. The lyrics are a poem made by Hermann Hesse. Artwork and Layout by mighty SYNOD.

Narghaash masterfully blends neofolk elements with naivety typical of early dungeon synth: lo-fi, composed with minimal equipment, and imbued with magick.

Includes Demos -
Der Tanz des Schattenkönigs
Eine Stunde hinter Mitternacht
At the mournful old lake
Grey heavens
Nordiske Eventyr
So ist's als ob der Welt die Sonne schwinde
Forgotten souls of the ancient tower

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