[SOLD OUT] TORCHLIGHT "Witchcraft" Cassette Tape
Dark Age Productions

[SOLD OUT] TORCHLIGHT "Witchcraft" Cassette Tape

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Dark Age Productions brings the expanded edition of "Witchcraft" from Italian artist TORCHLIGHT. Originally released on the Realm & Ritual label in 2019. The 2021 version features an all new bonus track recorded for this edition.

"The castle had been abandoned many years ago and became a place of black arts.
The wizards observed the stars from their crumbling towers, among dusty books and goat's bones. Their opaque eyes had seen dreadful things. They talked to the dead and the dead replied, instructing them on past events and the others that still have to happen. The witches whispered near the lake, between the old chapel and the Raven ruins, making divinations and spells. The maiden's blood was mixed with magic herbs and drunk in turn. In a psychedelic delirium, the naked witches ran through the trees, howling and croaking. Their glassy tears were enlightened by the full moon while their souls burned in a black flame.
Then there was a cavernous and austere cry through the forest. A large moving flame approaching the castle, crawling through the trunks and foliage of the oaks. It was a being of light in a shimmering robe of fire. He was called "The Master". The features of his face were gentle but his voice was inhuman. He was staring at the castle, saying: [...] and from the empty halls a scratching moan and a multitude of colored lights. Hundreds of souls roamed the castle, cursing and murmuring. Necromancy had been done. Then the Master went away rising into the dark sky, slowly fading between the constellations. All that remained were crystal cobwebs between the branches that dropped blood, bile and poison."