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[SOLD OUT] ABYSA "Searemony" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] ABYSA "Searemony" Cassette Tape

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Limited to 100.

There are few places as greatly mysterious or enchanting as the vast oceans that cover so much of the planet. The immense beauty, the vastness, the unexplored places, the deep water critters--these are all inspirations for the phenomenal Abysa. An Argentian project from the mastermind Uxoria, the artist behind Criptadel, Estantigua, and a handful of others, he is no stranger to atmosphere. With Abysa, we are met with aquatic pads and vast, oceanic synths that are almost orchestral at times. “Searemony” is beautifully enchanting and drags you deep into uncharted waters, and explores some of Earth’s most magical places. We hope this might bring a new understanding of, or perhaps reverence for, the ocean… Join us in a searemonial tranquility.

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