ARCANIST "Caustic Apparitions" LP vinyl (lim.300)
ARCANIST "Caustic Apparitions" LP vinyl (lim.300)
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ARCANIST "Caustic Apparitions" LP vinyl (lim.300)

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"Arcanist’s debut harnesses a notoriously unruly, punkish facet of black metal and pulverizes it with adroit execution, unique vision, and an all-around fantastic attention to detail. In short, it’s essential releases like this that keep the scene interesting and ward off stagnation." - The Call of the Night

Black vinyl in factory printed jacket, limited to 300. For fans of Ildjarn! All instruments & vocals by B. Liebermann
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios
Artwork & layout by Chase "Hellahammer" Mason
Logo by Ainul Iblis
Cassettes available from Poisonous Sorcery

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