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BATHORY "Nordland I-II" vinyl 2xLP (double LP, gatefold)

BATHORY "Nordland I-II" vinyl 2xLP (double LP, gatefold)

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Nordland I is the eleventh studio album by Bathory. It was released on 18 November 2002 and is a return to the Viking metal of Bathory's middle period, and features songs mainly concerning Norse mythology.

Nordland II is the twelfth and final studio album and the successor to Nordland I. It was released on 31 March 2003.

"This album has an impressive Nordic atmosphere in the purest viking metal style. The lyrics are about battles with swords, dragons and rings that basically invite you to explore the northern world. After listening to this album for the first time, those things lingered in my mind for weeks. At times this album becomes very relaxing, a term that may not be the most appropriate to describe the general chaotic mood in heavy metal music, but somehow this album becomes good for its own benefit and offering. In addition to the intro and outro, most of the songs have natural soundscapes decorated with seas, birds, seagulls, etc. As well as highlighting acoustic passages, the guitars also develop crystalline layers and give a sound similar to ice cracking in icy lands similar to the one shown on the album cover." - Nordland I review,

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