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[SOLD OUT] BELTEZ "Exiled, Punished... Rejected" Vinyl LP (color)

[SOLD OUT] BELTEZ "Exiled, Punished... Rejected" Vinyl LP (color)

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Import from Italy. Full color jacket with printed insert on bone white vinyl. Sealed.

Official 2021 reissue of Beltez's huge "Exiled, Punished...Rejected" album! Concise melodies, sinister vocals and harsh tones as usual! Concept album following Wayne Barlowes novel "God's Demon".

With "Exiled, Punished...Rejected" they took up Barlowe's atmosphere, which death, intrigues and dying akin to classical literature and ancient Greek mythologies and managed to form it into a musical epic. The result is more skillful and more intense, yet at the same time, faster and darker as their previous album "Tod Part I". The band took their time and artistic freedom to grow and turn a deaf ear to all critical voices out of the black metal scene. The result is a mixture between gloomy USBM and 90s Scandinavian Black Metal with a sinister individual touch. This makes the five songs a musical statement in a class of its own.

NOTE: By default item will be unsealed + vinyl will be removed from jacket before shipping to prevent seam splits. We will only send a vinyl LP sealed at your request/liability. If you want it to remain sealed, note at checkout. Otherwise it will arrive unsealed.
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