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[SOLD OUT] BLOOD TOWER "Posture Magic Redux" cassette tape (lim.150)

[SOLD OUT] BLOOD TOWER "Posture Magic Redux" cassette tape (lim.150)

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Import from Denmark. The pro dubbed black cassette with glued labels was issued with a foldout J-card in transparent & black cassette case. Limited edition of 150 hand-numbered copies.

Limit of 1 per person. Orders with multiple copies will be cancelled.

Wistful and forlorn dungeon synth from Nebraska with an adventurous spirit and emotive archaic atmosphere. To those following the dungeon synth scene closely, Lord Bill's Blood Tower project will need no introduction. While this solo dungeon synth project was started in 2016, his involvement with the genre goes further back to a keyboard-oriented lofi black metal project in the mid-00s.

In Autumn 2018, the 'Posture Magic' album was released on a tape run by his Moonworshipper label. Arguably the strongest manifestation yet of the multifaceted expressions of the Blood Tower project, and well-received at the time, but today somewhat faded in the collective memory. This expanded reissue edition collects the original on the A-side. The B-side holds the Blood Tower tracks on the 'Bestiaries of Uncommon Realms' split from the same period as well as three previously unreleased tracks.

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