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[SOLD OUT] BURIER "III (In Communion With Death)" CD

[SOLD OUT] BURIER "III (In Communion With Death)" CD

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Import from UK. Jewel case CD with 16 page booklet with new & unseen photography by Burier. 

Buriers most expansive and potent conjuration of riddled offerings yet, Spanning in double the standard length, with 9 tracks at just under 80mins, (Burier III) is of megalithic dimensions.

Perhaps Burier I and II served as an invocation or conduit to be able to birth this monster (Burier III). The painfully cathartic previous works exist as a pair of twins, mirroring each other, averaging around 30 mins each with 5 tracks each. Together, these 3 releases all conspire and communicate with each other through occult codex, while retaining the same positioning within the world of Buriers realm of nightmarish visions.

Like being too far down the path to turn back, like a tomb not meant to be opened, (Burier III) is the multi headed beast discovered by the listener, of other/under world-like nature, that pulls the listener that dare engage with it, down into its deep well of dark and unknown mystery. Through this mystery the listener discovers various eclectic layers to this new found hell of myth and rancid abject horror, from the un/natural world that Burier draws from.

Sonically, Burier has evolved further for this release, learning and experimenting with new instruments, and unique field recordings. (Burier 3) provides listeners with the usual elements that reek of the familiar and harrowing approach that only Burier can unleash, yet musically, ideas and sounds are expanded upon to fester and rot in an extreme manner.

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