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COEUR DORÉ "Allégiance" Cassette Tape (lim.100) [Cœur Doré]

COEUR DORÉ "Allégiance" Cassette Tape (lim.100) [Cœur Doré]

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Import from China. Released on professional duplicated cassette with full color cassette print, limited to 100 copies. Split with Midoran also available on tape/vinyl.

Spun upon the fey tapestries of gilded heart glory and rich with the decadent folklore of the ballads nebula, Coeur Doré is a French black metal entity that fuses these dark stylings with that of folk rock fulminations, allowing for its tall tales of spectral wonder to shine ever brighter amongst the glittering stars. First brought into shimmering evocation in the age of 2022, Coeur Doré is member of the enigmatic French @cerclemortuaire collective and has crafted a small trinity of sonic grimoires in its short existence thus far. The first unchained was that of Allégiance, which still perhaps best expresses the pure fantasy wonder Coeur Doré emits in bejewelled treasure troves and golden heart glory.

Steeped in the arcane mysteries and lore legends of old, Allégiance relishes 40 mins of music in the fantastical side of black metal, pouring that instrumental style through a folk rock synth catalyst, creating a kaleidoscope of audial artefacts and jovial spell expression. Made from the magick mire madness of ages that once were and shall be again; Allégiance is formed from a opulent stained glasswork of bouncing percussive frolic, nostalgic guitar melodics, howling vocal rasps, clean druidic recitation, crystal synth sparkle, folk rock capers, audible bass lines, organic analogue production and a truly engrossing romance of fairy tale manifestation thematic. A splendid expression of fantastical folk rock black metal meandering, Coeur Doré’s Allégiance is an exciting, uplifting and empowering journey into the golden heart of wondrous exaltation.

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