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[SOLD OUT] CONQUEROR'S MOURN "No More for the Battletrance" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] CONQUEROR'S MOURN "No More for the Battletrance" Cassette Tape

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Limited to 100. 1 copy per person only.

To introduce Conqueror’s Mourn, if an intro is needed, we will use a quote from the artist: “Conqueror's Mourn has channeled the depths of its creator's depression and the weariness of life's inevitable struggles into musical form. Utilizing grand piano and a library of self-recorded samples distorted and stretched to almost mock their source, this project has looked at life through a crooked lens, and occasionally found glimpses of peace therein.” Suffice to say, Conqueror’s Mourn is a phenomenal project by an incredible and prolific musician, exploring the more melancholy sound, with past material aptly referred to as “depressive new age”. This album, being the final chapter of this project’s amazing lifespan, takes us deeper into uncharted realms, with mangled samples of instruments and sounds layered in a medley of textures the likes of which we have never heard before--all while guiding the listener through with beautiful piano and synths. It is a wholly unique album and one that is pushing the boundaries of the genre in a refreshing way, while still remaining firmly within the realms of dungeon synth & fantasy ambient. We could not think of a better way to bring this stunning project to a close and we are absolutely honored to bring it into the physical world at Fableglade.

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