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DEORC WEG "The Chateau of Unrest" Vinyl LP (lim. 125)

DEORC WEG "The Chateau of Unrest" Vinyl LP (lim. 125)

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ONE COPY PER PERSON. Grey marbled vinyl edition limited to 75 copies.

Deorc Weg is an Old English term which means "dark way" or "dark path". The Chateau Of Unrest refers to a short story written by Edgar Allan Poe. It is no surprise that this recording takes you on a journey to a distant world of ancient ruins and forgotten chambers.

Originally released digitally on the band's Bandcamp in late 2020, the album immediately caught the attention of the underground Dungeon Synth scene due to the high quality of the compositions. Shaun, the mastermind behind Deorc Weg, had already established himself as Despondent Moon, a fierce black metal artist with releases on the infamous His Wounds label. The album has 7 tracks of haunting melodies, showcasing the finest traditions of the genre. Deorc Weg demonstrates a mastery of mood and atmosphere, weaving together ominous melodies and ambient textures.

The limited edition vinyl is housed in a sleeve with beautiful inside printing. There are 75 copies available on grey marbled vinyl and 50 copies on clear splattered vinyl.

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