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DIES ATER "Reign of Tempests + Rabenflug" CD [digipak, lim.500]

DIES ATER "Reign of Tempests + Rabenflug" CD [digipak, lim.500]

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Import from Germany. Collector's Edition in 4-panel Digipack with 8 page booklet, limited to 500 copies.   

Reissue of the band's fantastic debut album from 1999 with original artwork and revised layout including all lyrics, extensive liner notes and many photos from the early days.

The CD comes as Collector's Edition in 4-panel digipack with 8-page booklet, limited to 500 copies, and includes the "Rabenflug" demo from 1996 as exclusive bonus tracks.

"Reign of Tempests" is a genuine classic of German Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal in the true 90s style and an absolute must have for all fans of this genre.

Both album and demo were meticulously restored and remastered for optimal sound on CD as well as vinyl by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony in 2022.

Re-released with kind permission from DIES ATER and now available for the first time ever on vinyl and as DigiCD with the original artwork!  

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