DUIVELSGROT "T.I.T.K.M.B.I.A.I.D.M" vinyl LP (180g w/ insert)
Phantom Lure

DUIVELSGROT "T.I.T.K.M.B.I.A.I.D.M" vinyl LP (180g w/ insert)

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Import from Belgium. 

Hailing from The Netherlands, this mysterious, spooky and hellish keller synth act from a twisted dimension, will take you to hell and back. The Devils’ cave, the hellwitch's murky caverns, the stalkers rancid basement?…DUIVELSGROT is many things but foremost the delirious dream of the psychotic mind. This listening experience will surely make your home feel like it's part of the underworld. File under keller synth / raw black metal.

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