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[SOLD OUT] EARTHSHINE "My Bones Shall Rest Upon the Mountain" CD

[SOLD OUT] EARTHSHINE "My Bones Shall Rest Upon the Mountain" CD

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Import from Germany. Jewel case w/ booklet.

Earthshine was formed in 2015 by the brothers Sam and Connor Dwyer from Australia who wanted to make something they could both work on, discuss and get excited about while not living close to each other (Sam living in Japan, Connor in Australia). Their debut album was released by Northern Silence in 2016. The second album, ‘My Bones Shall Rest Upon the Mountain’, is heavily influenced by Sam's experiences in Japan, especially the extremely snowy and cold winters, which were shocking compared with the winters he’d experienced in Australia. During the time between this album and the debut, Connor became much more influenced by Psychedelic music while Sam continued listening to Black Metal. The new album is still focused on a sorrowful Doom sound, but with more Black Metal and atmospheric influences.

This album was recorded with a seven string guitar and a range of guitar pedals Sam was able to pick up in Japan. In the brothers' opinion the new songs are better in every regard, and the music sounds more sorrowful and heavy. Nature and the harshness of life influenced both the music and lyrics for this album.

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