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[SOLD OUT] ERANG "The Five Seasons Pentalogy" 5x Cassette Tape Set (lim.150 w/slipcase, poster, insert)

[SOLD OUT] ERANG "The Five Seasons Pentalogy" 5x Cassette Tape Set (lim.150 w/slipcase, poster, insert)

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Physical tape edition is packaged with 5xCassettes in 'cassingle packaging', map insert, slip box for the 5 tapes, and 10th anniversary Erang poster with artwork by Jim Kirkwood. Limited to 150 copies. One copy per person only. Includes digital only Out of Season seamless mix version bonus track with download.

"This pentalogy is my love letter to Dungeon Synth & the world I've created: the Land of the Five Seasons. Each of the 5 albums explores one of the 5 seasons from the Land and, at the same time, is a tribute to a declination of Dungeon Synth.
A SEASON OF FROST is dedicated to Old School Dungeon Synth & dusty demo tapes from the past.
A SEASON OF LEAVES is dedicated to the Epic & Medieval Atmospheric Black Metal influences from Summoning or Bathory.
A SEASON OF SAND is dedicated to the New Age & meditative World Music aspects of Dungeon Synth.
A SEASON OF BLOOM is dedicated to the idyllic folk melodies & 90's fantasy RPG midi music.
A SEASON OF MAGIC is dedicated to the more experimental, ambient & ethereal chants of Dungeon Synth."

'The Land of the Five Seasons. An old continent. Lost on an ocean far older, it was the home of several peoples and Kingdoms during the First Ages.
Five Seasons were endlessly flowing at the same time, in different parts of this ancient Land.
North, an eternal winter surrounded the Crystal Mountains and the frozen plains of Lobrok.
South, a relentless summer was perpetually burning the sand, from the Kingdom of Amang to the Town of Tadyar and the Ruby hills.
Southwest, not too far, a mild autumn was eternally coloring the enchanted Woods of Mayoo.
East, all of the Foxol Kingdom and the Emerald Forest were forever under the light of a beautiful spring. In the heart of the land, the everlasting Kingdom of Erang was standing at the crossroads of all these four seasons.
Finally, west, the vast Steppes of Kolm laid under the last and unchanging fifth season... a strange & dreary season... Full of magic and powerful sorcery!'

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