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[SOLD OUT] ERANG "Tome I" cassette tape (lim.200)

[SOLD OUT] ERANG "Tome I" cassette tape (lim.200)

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Import from Denmark. The pro dubbed black cassette with glued labels was issued with a foldout J-card in transparent & black cassette case. Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies.

Limit of 1 per person. Orders with multiple copies will be cancelled.

Nostalgic atmospheric dungeon synth from the anonymous French solo project Erang, that recently celebrated it's 10th year. 'Tome I' is the debut that started it all back in 2012, where it set a high standard for the early micro scene, which was slowly forming at the time. This landmark album of riveting and melancholic synth music encompasses gentle idyllic moments as well as more dramatic passages of fervour and urgency. It took inspiration from fantasy culture and 90s dark dungeon music, and presented it all in a concise and restrained manner, with the artist’s striking illustration and a tracklist with shorter tracks each adding new facets to an overall mysterious and intriguing atmosphere.

This reissue is the first in a series of four, that will present all Tome albums for the first time as individual tape releases. The tape of 'Tome I' features the +7 mins bonus track 'Sounds Of The Ancient Crypt', which will not be made available digitally.

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