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[SOLD OUT] ERED WETHRIN "Tides of War" CD [digipak] (Caladan Brood)

[SOLD OUT] ERED WETHRIN "Tides of War" CD [digipak] (Caladan Brood)

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Import from Germany. Collector's Edition in 4-panel Digipack with 8-page booklet and golden disc, limited to 900 copies.  

Besides the extremely successful CALADAN BROOD and GALLOWBRAID, ERED WETHRIN is the 3rd band from Salt Lake City, Utah, that signed to Northern Silence, and occasionally it may remind the listener of CALADAN BROOD or SUMMONING.

While the lyrics also deal with epic fantasy themes (Horus Heresy, Black Company, Malazan Book of the Fallen, etc.), the style of the music tends more towards the Scandinavian Symphonic Black Metal of the 90s on the one hand, reminiscent of bands like THY SERPENT (Fin), ODIUM (Nor) or WALLACHIA (Nor), as well as more "classic" Black Metal with occasional keyboards on the other, such as EVILFEAST (Pol), ANCIENT (Nor) or DARK FORTRESS (Ger), as well as AETERNUS (Nor) or SATANIC WARMASTER (Fin).

Ultimately, Ered Wethrin focuses on riffs and lyrics to evoke feelings that go with triumphant victory and the cost of its attainment, to bitter defeat and despair, to a melancholic solace that can permeate moods in the wake of a grandiose and epic calamity. The band was started as, and remains to this day, a solo-project in 2004, and the songs on "Tides of War" are, for the most part, material that has been written during these earlier years of the project's existence.

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