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[SOLD OUT] ERYTHRITE THRONE "Beheading the Seraphim" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] ERYTHRITE THRONE "Beheading the Seraphim" Cassette Tape

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Pro-cassettes on transparent blood red shells with white ink imprint and two sided Jcard. 

Erythrite Throne presents a very special release; Beheading the Seraphim features a guest vocalist performing in their own way on each of the albums 13 tracks. The album is a veritable compendium of the dark ambient / dungeon synth scene. Featuring artists across the history of the genre and yet still fits perfectly in the huge catalog of releases by Erythrite Throne and it's creator, Wyrm.

1. Suffocating Under Skies of Sorrow (Featuring Seregost) 07:36
2. A Mass Extinction (Featuring Celestial Sword) 03:53
3. Night of Crimson Lust (Featuring Cave Ghoul) 06:15
4. The Rape of Barachiel (Featuring The Witch) 03:29
5. Panting for Blood Beneath a Pale Moon (Featuring Panzerwar) 03:47
6. Fury of the Immortals (Featuring Phosphorus) 04:39
7. Infernal Blood Upon the Throne (Featuring Espyritu of Dusk) 05:36
8. Medieval Bloodletting (Featuring Vöghräth) 03:30
9. Mother of Serpents (Featuring Chieftain Conifer) 03:47
10. An Offering to the High Order (Featuring Deorc Weg from Despondent Moon) 04:22
11. Foe of Radiance (Featuring C.) 03:47
12. Grimoire of Forbidden Wisdom (Featuring Golzarath) 06:01
13. Shattering Metatron's Cube (Featuring Bard Algol) 04:21

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