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ERYTHRITE THRONE "Call of the Northern Moon" Cassette Tape

ERYTHRITE THRONE "Call of the Northern Moon" Cassette Tape

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Drifting eerily through the fog-cloaked darkness comes the latest release from Davey Sasahara’s Erythrite Throne - Call of the Northern Moon.

Just one of his many mesmerising occult outfits circling the spiritual totems of black metal and dungeon synth, Erythrite Throne is a masterful conduit for gothic misanthropy and ensorceled darkness.

With 13 full lengths since the projects inception in 2018, Erythrite has been a prolific source of horrorscapes, but is set to slow down for 2020, with a sparser release schedule. For this one project at least. Tap into the depths of the Throne, and you will reveal a blackened bounty of Davey’s projects that will keep your mind suitably fried for some time.

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