FEN WALKER "The Totem Wilds Call Thy Name" Pro-Tape
Dungeons Deep Records

FEN WALKER "The Totem Wilds Call Thy Name" Pro-Tape

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This unique and progressive dungeon synth project creates strange and psychedelic battle music set to the campaign of an otherworldly rift. The savage, sorcery scared lands of Ur lay under the necrotic fog of the NecroKhan's power.

The Wanderess, a queen forsaking the responsibilities of the throne and wandering the wilds of Ur, is faced with the destruction of her ancestral homeland. Roving hordes of the undead defile the lands she once called home and there is little hope, for all know the NecroKhan's power.

The Wanderess will need a relic of equal power, to destroy forever the putrid reign of the king of death! Will she survive the retched breathing tunnel? Can she defeat the thicket ghosts and their blasphemous hunger? Can she muster an army and lay siege to the NecroKhans Mausoleum, and vanquish him forever?

Dungeons Deep Records, limited to 150 copies. Includes outer O-card sleeve.