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FOGLORD "Celestial" vinyl 2xLP (clear double LP w/insert, bonus tracks)

FOGLORD "Celestial" vinyl 2xLP (clear double LP w/insert, bonus tracks)

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Double clear vinyl limited to 300 copies in 5mm wide spine jacket. Includes 4 bonus tracks on side D, taken from the 2015 split with Elador plus printed 12" double sided insert and download card for Bandcamp + vinyl sticker of the cover art.

Originally released in 2015, this re-release of "Celestial" has been a long time in the works and is represents one of the finest ethereal/ambient dungeon synth releases ever to grace the genre...
The basis of this album is that of the soul living on after it passes out of the physical body and into the spirit world. It also stands as a representation of the everlasting connection between all things.
Read what others have had to say about this fantastic album over the years:
"An astral dance through time and the beyond, this work displays magnificence and majesty of above and below. A sidereal and gilded journey comprising of wood, mountain and star. Enlightenment and transcendence awaits the bright soul." -MarsDragoner

"I can imagine myself standing on a great icy field. Moon shines above, illuminating my surroundings in a faint silver light. Refreshing cold wind blows against my face, biting deep. So melacholic, yet so familiar. What a wonderful album this is." - Gigasius

"Foglord is arguably the most underrated artist in the dungeon synth scene. The music is always of amazing quality, and is extraordinarily beautiful and subtle. Perfect for Saturday night D&D sesh, in which you traverse mystical peaks of mountains old under a starry night sky..." -WULF

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