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[SOLD OUT] FORLORN CITADEL "Songs of Mourning / Dusk" CD

[SOLD OUT] FORLORN CITADEL "Songs of Mourning / Dusk" CD

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Northern Silence Productions, import from Germany. Jewel case with 4-page booklet, limited to 500.

Forlorn Citadel is a project which could be described as Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal meets Ambient/Dungeon Synth, crafted by one man. This release features both of his previously released demos and comes highly recommended for fans of Epic Black Metal acts like Summoning and old school Dungeon Synth projects like Mortiis.

This album includes both of the project's demos:
Demo I (2017) "Dusk" (Dungeon Synth)
Demo II (2018) "Songs of Mourning" (Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal)

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