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HEMLOCK GOBLIN "Hemlock Goblin" Vinyl LP (180g, w/insert)

HEMLOCK GOBLIN "Hemlock Goblin" Vinyl LP (180g, w/insert)

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Import from Belgium. Available on 180 gram black vinyl.

Sorcerous goblin synth from the dungeons of Massachusetts. Dark, twisted and eerie, this release is surely setting the tone for the darker winter time approaching. Complete with original art by Hemlock Goblin himself.

The ancient hemlock goblin is the last of his kind. The goblin horde of olde has long since been systematically exterminated by brigades of holy crusaders. The hemlock goblin was the sole survivor. At the end of the great war, the green skinned wizard slipped away into hemlock grove into a dark ruined tower. There he cast a dark enchantment upon the forest to render his fortress invisible and lull unsuspecting travelers into a deep sleep. The unsuspecting victims are taken into the dungeon where the dark magician extracts the spectral thread of dreams to weave a tapestry to sustain his life force eternally.

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