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[SOLD OUT] HERMIT KNIGHT "Goblings" cassette tape (lim.100)

[SOLD OUT] HERMIT KNIGHT "Goblings" cassette tape (lim.100)

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Limited to 100 copies.

Upon the tiresome journey, the knight finds another lonesome traveler. Among the flames of the shared campfire they tell tales into the late hours of the night. This was one of the stories told: A small group of Goblings (goblin babies) are tasked with a quest to find the most perfect gift for the Goblin Queen.

Join the adventure as they muck about and search for the item(s).
Inspired by the DND 5e adventure module by Slowquest.

"The straddling of subgenres without any real hard and fast commitment to any one, instead treating the lines as if they were freshly painted and still tacky with wetness. From the wispy and light feeling heft of comfy synth, to the overt digitization of clipped sound bits that is the hallmark of chiptune, to the slightly more medieval underpinnings of dungeon synth proper, Hermit Knight takes all of these elements in Goblings: A Whimsical Goblin Adventure, and blends them to a point of obscuring the base from which they were drawn, leaving the listener to wonder in a delighted daze just what exactly they are listening to." - Aaron Michael Kobes, Cave Dweller Music

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