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[SOLD OUT] JÄÄPORTIT "Kauan Koskematon / Halki Lumisen Metsän" CD

[SOLD OUT] JÄÄPORTIT "Kauan Koskematon / Halki Lumisen Metsän" CD

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Two cult recordings from 1998 / 99 of pure Nordic beauty for the first time on CD! Icy frostbitten portals of the early years are now once again open! Jääportit is a Finnish dark ambient / neoclassical project active since 1997. ‘Halki lumisen metsän’ material is minimalist akin to Mortiis, ranging from deep, cloud-like drones to almost oppressive militaristic percussion and harmonies, while ‘Kauan Koskematon’ is majestic yet mournful, a forever milestone in the dungeon synth winter epic tradition of the 1990s. Calm and tranquil yet bewitching and mesmerizing winter ambient.


A 6-panel matte-laminated Digipak with original images including the front cover by Aslak Tolonen (Nest).

Import from Ukraina. Limited edition of 300 copies total. 

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