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[SOLD OUT] MERKURY "Mori Otis" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] MERKURY "Mori Otis" Cassette Tape

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Metallic silver-on-black pro-tape with hand-stitched grey felt outer sleeve.

Merkury’s “Mori Otis,” a frigid whirlwind of raw, icy black metal cosmiche by the artist responsible for such touchstone atmospheric/ambient projects as Boreal, Spektral Hatchery, Twilight Falls, and Starless Domain. In its 24-minute runtime, we are taken on a voidgazing journey through a dark abyss of horrific beauty, borne by dense synthetic pulsings to a cataclysmic eruption of gelid blasting with papery tremolo melodies and distant invocations. With deference to the captivatingly primitive sound of classic Darkthrone records, Merkury builds an impressive audio journey that evokes a startling depth around familiar treble-destroyed thrumming, bolstered by a mature melodic sense and warm analog keyboard work; an idiosyncratic coalescence that is truly captivating.

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