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MUMMELRATZ "Kindermord im Zauberwald" vinyl LP (180g, obi)

MUMMELRATZ "Kindermord im Zauberwald" vinyl LP (180g, obi)

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Import from China. Insert included. With OBI. Limit 1 per person.

Transmitted by wyrdling of witch link cable cruelty from the 8-bit realm into the mortal world, Mummelratz is a mysterious Germanic dungeon chip-tune project that was first encrypted by the arcane cybernetic child murdering forces in the age of 2022 and has unchained a small cache of hardware dungeon chip soundtrack for high-fantasy RPG games that never existed.

Crown-jeweled amongst these gloomy pixilated grimoires is that of Kindermord im Zauberwald, a 8-bits RPG sound track for a possessive journey into the warping glitched forests of Thuringia, where the evil force of woods manages to crawl under the skin and lance its sorcerous audial implants in the hypodermis with ease.

First released as Gameboy cartridge (that can only played through a Game-boy), GoatowaRex decided to team up with @sweet8bitterness to bring this innovative-ly nostalgic album onto proper vinyl format, which also made this world’s first vinyl record that entirely composed and recorded through the original Gameboy sound chip for its sorcerous intentions of adolescent abduction.

Available on 2 completely different types cover, each with different OBI which pays our tribute to original Nintendo design.

(Promo text by @neheroth)

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