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[SOLD OUT] NAHADOTH "Faces Of Winter Redux" Cassette Tape (lim.150)

[SOLD OUT] NAHADOTH "Faces Of Winter Redux" Cassette Tape (lim.150)

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Import from Denmark. Limited to 150 numbered pro tapes.

Spellbinding melancholic dungeon synth from the musical mind of Adam Matlock, a prolific New England-based veteran of the revival era, who has also previously joined under the Gondolin banner as Counqueror's Mourn (GON024). Working under a nebulous amount of pseudonyms since 2015, Nahadoth was the main project to receive admiration on the early scene thanks to the 'Faces Of Winter' album made public in early 2016.

A haunting unpredictable album, which revels in both murky atmospheres and intimate neoclassical compositions. It has been available physically on a small DIY tape/CDr edition made by the artist, which included a printed shortstory to accompany the music, but has since then been living an unjustly quiet existence in the Matlock discography.

On this reissue, the original album is presented on the A-side while the B-side features 9 tracks of which many are previously unreleased. 5 Nahadoth tracks from the same period as well as early cover versions of inspirations and contemporaries (Enya, Voormithadreth, Apothecarium and Erang). This pro-tape release also features the aforementioned shortstory on a mini-pamphlet fitting inside the case.

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