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[SOLD OUT] NIGHTBRINGER "Apocalypse Sun" CD (digipak)

[SOLD OUT] NIGHTBRINGER "Apocalypse Sun" CD (digipak)

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Import from Italy. High quality digipak with booklet, 2022 repress. Twelve years after its original inception, Nightbringer’s Apocalypse Sun is made available again on CD!

Apocalypse Sun is the sophomore album by Naas Alcameth’s most renowned and longest-standing project, one of the finest pieces that contributed to the growth of Nightbringer’s cult. The album, recorded as a quartet, features long-time members Naas Alcameth on vocals and guitars, Ophis on guitars, VJS on guitars and drums and now-former member Nox Corvus on guitars and drums.

Apocalypse Sun is a fine example of what black metal and occultism can produce when they meet, ten hymns to the apocalypse crafted in the darkest depths.

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