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[SOLD OUT] OBSKURITATEM "Hronika iz Mraka" vinyl LP

[SOLD OUT] OBSKURITATEM "Hronika iz Mraka" vinyl LP

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Import from Portugal. Black vinyl. Includes a 4-page, A4-size booklet.

“Hronika iz mraka” portrays its mysterious ways in an evocative form, as a storm gathering on the horizon, an entity awakening from a dreadful slumber: you hear the voices, the call, the curse. The raw sound fills the air with a dense unquiet agitation, as the songs ensue the melodies stir the heartbeat, we are reminded of our existence limitations. No pride, but dust and despise.

Preserving the analogic touch on the overall production, Obskuritatem presents tempo variations that never allows you to predict what the following move is, moments of false serenity, chorus with Ur’s wraith presence singing of your disgrace. Unrelenting, majestic, spiteful. The stench of false triumph may inebriate you as the album reaches its final notes but there’s no conquest after such iniquitous encounter. The smell is from your decay. We fall. We are nothing.

Obskuritatem means corruption of balance, the erasure of the threshold between this world and whatever nightmares you keep being held to. It represents decadence, the derelict outcome of human existence.

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